What Variety of Tea Is Best for Lowering Cholesterol?

Do you need to know what lowers cholesterol and want to do it naturally? Tea is one of the best options, besides, it gives you the possibility to choose between its different varieties. Which is the most effective? Discover it, reading this article!

Benefits of tea for high cholesterol

The most recent study to study the beneficial effects of tea on cholesterol was carried out by Dr. Joseph Judd, director of the Research Center of the Department of Agriculture and Human Nutrition of Beltsville, Maryland.

This research consisted in giving 8 men and 8 women to drink, during 3 weeks, a diet that included 5 cups a day of tea or a placebo drink with tea flavor. After this time, the blood lipid levels of each of the volunteers were measured.

The researchers found up to 10% less LDL cholesterol, in those who had consumed tea. Do you want to know what they are? Pay attention to the following lines.

What is the best tea to lower cholesterol?

White tea

For this reason, the researchers point out that the best variety to lower cholesterol.

White tea has the ability to eliminate toxins and reduce lipids in your body, helping to regulate cholesterol levels and arterial function. To get your healing benefits, drink a cup of white tea 25 minutes after meals.

Green tea

The most famous variety of tea, also thanks to its limited fermentation process, manages to retain a high content of polyphenols that are great antioxidants. Therefore, this can be a great help to lower cholesterol levels and prevent your arteries from clogging. To get help, drink a cup of green tea twice a day. Green tea and low cholesterol go hand in hand.

The red tea pu erh

This is already a variety, which involves a long process of fermentation, which decreases its antioxidant content. But, anyway, a study in animals showed that drinking it regularly can help you lose weight and reduce LDL cholesterol levels in your blood. To get these benefits, drink a cup of pu erh tea after meals. An excellent tea to lower cholesterol and triglycerides.

Black tea

It is the variety that has the highest content of caffeine and tannins, but it is low in antioxidants, however, there is scientific evidence that it can reduce the risk of strokes, a problem closely related to high cholesterol. It is a good tea to lower triglycerides.

Oolong tea

This variety of tea is also quite processed, but also, although to a lesser extent, it can help you maintain adequate levels of blood lipids to help keep cholesterol at bay.

Conclusion. Due to its high content of antioxidants, white tea and green tea are the best option to lower cholesterol. Do not hesitate to consider these varieties of tea as an excellent natural medicine for high cholesterol.

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