Why You Should Always Have Olive Oil Bread Dip In Your Pantry

Though popular media tends to portray families living very posh lifestyles, most people tend to have fairly regular lives doing the usual – getting the kids ready for school, heading off to work, etc. Even if we’d like to believe that we want to get a little fancy sometimes, there’s a good chance that we’ve never worried about having olive oil bread dip in our pantry.

Really? Is this a thing? It most definitely is, but is it really something that we should have on-hand? More often than not, we tend to associate the idea of a bread dipping oil as something very lush and upscale. Even if we do tend to entertain people such as family, friends, or co-workers, our usual food fare may be nothing more than chips and dip. Rarely does our hospitality lean toward something gourmet. It really just seems so overtly refined that we don’t give it a second thought, but what we’re really doing is missing out on some good eating.

Perhaps one of the strongest movements in the culinary world has been the “foodie” revolution. More people have decided that stuffing our faces is not the same as actually enjoying our food. This means tasting new ingredients & having new food experiences. Even the setting of a meal becomes a part of the entire food experience. Cue bread dipping oil. A well-made, high-quality bread dipped in a quality dipping oil is as simple as food gets, but you’d never expect the flavor bomb with which you’re working. Now, imagine your guests having their own minds blown as well. Your entertaining would be next-level awesome!

Here are a few reasons why you should readily have olive oil bread dip in your home:

Offering a Bite to Last-Minute Guests – We love having people over, but if you may not always have something to offer. Some good bread & dip is quick, easy, and always satisfies.

A Simple, Perfect Appetizer – If you’re going full gourmet for a meal, let your appetizer wow your guests & get them set for a tremendous feast.

Provides a Clean Slate for Flavor Experimentation – Your imagination is the only limit to how to craft your olive oil bread dip. Find the combinations that work for you & plumb the internet for some killer recipes.

A Perfect Addition to An Italian Meal – When you’ve got an Italian menu for someone special or a group of friends, bring the magic with the great bread dip.

Makes You A More Careful Shopper – You’ll want good quality olive oil, so ditch the lesser quality stuff and opt for a local producer. Smaller domestic orchards are becoming huge in the olive oil world, so shopping local will garner fresher olive oil & support local business.

Bread dipping oil can be as simple or complex as you’d like to make it. Be it for serving guests, making a good meal even better, or getting your inner chef on, you owe it to yourself to give it a try.

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