5 Ways To Woo Your Summer With Mangoes

Summer is here, and it brought along mangoes. Easily the king of fruits, mangoes are a cherished must-have for the season. Be it in raw green or ripe orange form, this fruit has its own unbeatable charm when it comes to both savoury as well as sweet recipes. To beat the heat, here are some traditional, yet simple ways in which you may relish the delicious fruit this summer.

1. Raw mango pickle

This is a dish that needs a bit of work, and needs preparations ahead of summer, but once you get it right, it is an absolute gem.

Quick Guide: Chop raw (green) mangoes, add your blend of favourite spices, oil, and salt, dry in the sun for several days until the skin is shrivelled. Have with or between meals.

2. Raw mango sherbet

It is also widely known as “Aam Panna” in Indian languages and is a chemical-free indigenous way of quenching your thirst.

Quick Guide: Roast the raw mangoes directly over a flame, peel the burned skin, mash the flesh, dilute with water, add sugar and salt as per taste. Serve with ice.

3. Raw mango chutney

Another innovation of the Indian subcontinent, this one is prepared as an after-meal dessert substitute. It takes a while to get the right texture, but tastes heaven afterwards.

Quick Guide: Peel and chop raw mangoes, cook in low flame with spices and oil, add sugar (loads of it), stir until a thick consistency is achieved, cool and serve.

4. Mango lentil soup

Fastest and easiest of all, this one cools down the body temperature, and acts as a great accompaniment to rice.

Quick Guide: Chop raw mangoes and boil them. Cook the lentils (split red lentils are the best choice) as per regular procedure. Mix the boiled raw mangoes in the end. Balance the salt and the water for a runny consistency and less tangy flavour.

5. Mango ice-cream

A break from traditional raw mango preparations, this one is for the “quick-fix dessert” people. All you need is ripe mangoes and vanilla ice-cream for the perfect dessert.

Quick Guide: Peel and chop ripe mangoes into tiny pieces. Mix them in a bowl with some good quality vanilla ice-cream. Call your gang over!

Indeed, mangoes can be so versatile that we at times do not realize how many recipes have been thought of and are still being thought of that include this great fruit. Pick your favourite this season and fill your summer with glee.

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