Grilling 101: Top 5 Tips Every New Griller Should Learn

Every part of the grilling process is important – from choosing the right tools to use to serving your grilled dishes. A good thing about grilling is that you can choose what to use or cook depending on your personal preference. For example, you can choose to use a gas or charcoal grill depending on what fits your needs.

Through right time and practice, grilling can be easy even for first-time grillers.

Here are 5 expert tips every grilling beginner should learn about:

1. Choose what type of charcoal to use

If you’re using a charcoal grill, you will be faced with the challenge of choosing what type of charcoal to use. There are 2 choices: briquettes or hardwood lump charcoal. Briquettes are ideal for those on a budget because they are less expensive and they burn longer. However, they are not ideal for those who are health-conscious as briquettes contain additives like sawdust that could affect the taste of your grilled food. On the other hand, hardwood lump charcoal are more expensive, but are more ideal for the health because they are all-natural and contain no additives.

2. Use a chimney starter to light up your grill

You may have read somewhere that the easiest way to start your grill is by using lighter fluid. This is not true. Using lighter fluid is harmful to the environment and can impart a “chemical” taste to your food. Instead, use a chimney starter – it is safer to use and will result to a more natural-tasting grilled dish.

3. Know when your grill is ready

It is highly important that you know when the heat on your grill is ready for cooking. Different types of food require different temperatures to cook on the grill. To be sure of your grill is ready for cooking, do the hand test – place your hand an inch above the grill. If you can’t hold it there for more than 2 seconds, it’s on high heat. 4 seconds mean it’s on medium-high and 6 seconds mean it’s on medium.

4. Use durable grilling tools

You don’t need fancy and expensive grilling tools to achieve a perfectly-grilled dish. However, it is ideal to invest in top quality tools. You’ll need a good pair of grill gloves for protection, a durable pair of long-handled tongs and a long-handled spatula. You will need other grilling tools depending on what’s convenient for you, but these 3 are a must.

5. Start slow

If you’re a grilling beginner, you can’t expect to cook a perfectly-grilled steak during your first few attempts. Grilling is a learning process and it is ideal to start slow. Start with easier grilled dishes such as the classic burgers and hotdogs then move on to more complicated ones as you gain more experience.

Keep these expert tips in mind when you grill for the first time. Remember, no one becomes a grilling expert overnight, but you surely can get there faster if you follow these tips!

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