Get Ready For Summer BBQ During The Winter

WHAT’S THE BEST TIME of year to buy a new outdoor grill? Last year I purchased a Weber Performer Premium Charcoal Grill at a reduced price in January. The closer we get to summer the higher the price goes. It’s simply the economic principle of supply and demand and there’s almost no demand for outdoor grills during the winter. The Weber charcoal grill that I purchased is an ANSI approved grill; the American National Standards Institute ensures standards for productivity, increased efficiency, and reduced costs.

What tastes better on a warm spring or hot summer day than tasty charcoal-grilled beef or chicken? Not much, but you can try corn on the cob, peppers, zucchini, onions, or just about any vegetable. I think everything tastes better when charcoal grilled, and outdoor grilling is just about the best way to go. For an extra tasty pick-up, try grilling citrus fruits, open-faced, to get a nice smoky flavor. Those add wonderful flavor to drinks, in a marinade, or even as the base for a fresh, homemade salad dressing. Oh, one more tip: once it’s going strong and before you add the food… throw some wet wood chips on the charcoal for extra smokiness. Great flavor – that’s just one of the reasons I purchased this grill, but it has several great features including:

· Hinged, plated steel cooking grate

· Plated steel charcoal grate

· Aluminized steel one-touch cleaning system

· Easy to remove, high-capacity, aluminum ash catcher

· Electronic ignition

· Large LCD cook timer which can be removed so you can carry it inside while waiting

· Built-in thermometer

· Porcelain-enameled, bowl and lid, 22-inch diameter

· 96 lb. food capacity

Additional Features:

Other features include the built-in thermal preparation platform with plenty of room for your grilling needs, three utensil holders, two charcoal basket fuel holders, and the durable steel cart frame. Additionally, the two wheels are constructed of strong, rubberized, crack-proof molding with two locking casters. This grill system even has a charcoal briquette storage bin to keep fuel safe from the elements. Along the same line, with the porcelain coated and aluminized features on this grill, you don’t have to worry about a sudden rain storm; this is a rust-free set.

Some of the other important features include the wire bottom storage shelf; the glass-reinforced nylon handle, and the rust proof aluminum vent.

The Sum-up

My grill is safe, durable, and convenient. Any time of year is the right time to make this smart purchase, but winter is the best time. My Weber Performer Premium Charcoal Grill is truly a performer and it allows me to prepare delicious fare with the ease gas grilling, but with the delicious, smoky, flavor-infused foods that only a charcoal grill can produce.

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